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Setting Solar production records. Guaranteed!

Setting Solar production records. Guaranteed!

Setting Solar production records. Guaranteed!Setting Solar production records. Guaranteed!

Beauty is results. Knowledge will set us free.

Solar array in the morning. Notice the snow drift below the array?

Built for the Midland Empire

This 3 year old Fronius 6.0 kWh commercial rated solar system was designed to carry 60 lbs per square foot. Our ground mounts withstand 150 mph gusts! And hail AKA last July 20th, 2019, did no damage to any of our solar modules. Production can be seen for the last 3 years at bottom of page.   

Now upgraded to 7.6 Kw/hour potential using a Solar EDGE inverter with Optimizers to squeeze even more power into the grid. Most Impressive. 

Most recently built.

Another Ground mount system west of town. See Photo  This system only cost based on a 6.3Kw system, because that is rated output.  But matched to a 7.6 kW inverter, Fronius. This is an example of reporting to prove results. Our designs get better returns, it not just the lower price.

Snow slides off our dual axis solar array quickly.

In the winter, simply set the slope to 55 degrees, perfect for catching rays, and with the Teflon coating, it will slide or can easily be broomed clean. These special panels prevent ice from expanding in the solar module laminates. We offer products that boast 25 year warranted usage. We think about the things "they" don't cover. Why? Frost, hail, wind, debris, shade, and the very important temperature.

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Long-Term Solar Benefits

We guarantee complete payback in less than 10 years on  south facing roofs. Some as quick as 7.5 years if you include tax incentive. Our commercial panels produce verifiable 128% output. SO we never DC overload inverters to make you pay more.  Plus we are warehouse priced.


Solar Installers You Can Trust

We team with local Master Electricians and local Engineers to improve design and enhance renewable energy profit.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

If a problem every occurs, just call us. We keep a copy of all records regarding 25 year factory warranties on your solar purchase and tax rebates. We offer industry leading comprehensive installation guarantees on all Tie- Grid projects.  Here are records for 2.5 years for the Big Sky Solar Wind test site.

 https://www.solarweb.com/Home/GuestLogOn?pvSystemid=000401ba-4797-478e-8919-531d055ef8c7   after going there you must go the energy balance To see month to month production until 3/2020.


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With an office downtown, west end warehousing of inverters, solar modules, and hardware, we save you money. But knowledge is the key to quick pay-back. Let us provide a site survey that will guarantee better results and lower installation cost.

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