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Financing with zero down

Rob, thank you very much for your response and the great information. From what I can understand: 1. I can get a loan from the state with a interest rate at as low as 3.2%, with no down-payment for a solar system because of your low price-per-watt. 1a. You also offer loan options, but with a higher interest rate of 4.5% (which really isn't that horrible). 2. I can get the 30% tax credit through the end of 2019 as long as construction starts before Dec 31st (looks like the credit goes down to 26% in 2020). 3. You offer higher quality equipment compared to your competitors. 4. I would need to pay 5% down to you to hold the 30% tax credit before Dec 31st, which I assumes means you would just make a point to start construction in 2019 so I can keep the full credit before it goes down in 2020. If the above is true, I would love to discuss with you the details of the installation and all the costs involved. Like I said earlier, due to us just recently buying the house, a summer full of unexpected expenditures, and recently deciding to refinance our loan to take advantage of the current low interest rates - it would only work for us if we could get into a loan with no down-payment, with a payment plan that replaces/mimics our current electric bill. My wife and I have discussed that we could even afford to pay a little more each month for the solar system if it completely replaces our city electric grid. Thank you again for the info, I will chat with my wife about what you've told me and if we decide to learn more I'd love to see an example of one of your installs at your house, and chat with you via phone or in person to see if we can make this work. Appreciate the reply Rob! ~ Dan

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